​​​​Our 2021/2022 Executive.

President: David Emms

Vice President: Ray Trask


Marianne De Bretan-Berg

Groomer Manager: Ingo Berg

Asst Groomer Manager: Steve Blow

Trails Manager/Volunteer Coordinator:

Paul Ineson

Asst Trails Manager/Advertising:

​Paul Piotrowski

Trail Ambassador: Warren Harris

Social Media: Janne Haapalainen

Clubhouse: Greg Emms

Help stop the spread of COVID. Stay 6 feet apart and sled in your home health unit! 

Mailing address 

Po Box 20172 Barrie Ont                 L4M 6E9

Due to COVID our clubhouse is closed but still available for parking!

WANT TO GET INVOLVED? Send us a email: snovoyageursinfo@gmail.com

1359 Snow Valley Road, Midhurst, Ont.