About Permits

Your Snowmobile Trail Permit entitles you to enter and travel any open OFSC Prescribed Trail at any time during the winter.

Permits generate the revenues OFSC clubs need to maintain snowmobile trails and buy groomers. They are the only source of funding for trail operations.

By purchasing a permit, each rider contributes to the cost of providing snowmobile trails as part of the OFSC User Pay System.

To ensure that your permit money goes to the OFSC district whose trails you ride most, it is important to buy your permit from a club in that district.

Compare this all-season value to other one-time purchases!

Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permits

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  Permit Placement & Additional Information

The Trail Permit is valid only when permanently affixed to the bottom edge of the centre of the windshield, or on top and to the left of centre of the engine cowling as close as possible to the centre of the windshield, without obscuring or being obscured by the registration number required to be displayed on the vehicle.
Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permits are valid only in the province of Ontario and may be used to access any open or limited Prescribed Trails operated by the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs unless otherwise specified above.


Ontario Snowmobile trail permits