Our Club House is located at 1359 Snow Valley Road, Midhurst, Ontario.  We are approximately 10 minutes north of Barrie off of the 400 highway.

During the sledding season, the club house is open for your convenience with restroom facilities and a small kitchen area. 

We ask that you would treat the club house as you would your own home.

​Due to COVID our clubhouse is closed but still available for parking!

We are a grassroots volunteer driven organization that operates strictly on volunteers.

​We would love for you to join us..

Currently we are looking for those to volunteer their time with the following:

*Be part of our group that maintains our trails, by brushing, repairing, bridges, staking, signage etc.
*Be part of the inside group who help run the club.
*And if you are really adventurous, become a Groomer Operator.

Contact us by email at for additional information.


OFSC Clubs: Powered by Permits - Driven by Volunteers 

We have over 230 snowmobile clubs in Ontario providing community service and trails across the snow-belt.  When combined regionally and provincially, their consistent and interconnected system of snowmobile trails generates many economic, social, and health benefits plus exciting winter recreation and family fun.  OFSC Clubs are incorporated non-profits that have boards of directors. The club Executive and board make decision about how the club operates and manages their section of the trail system.  Many clubs have decided to work together with other member clubs to form associations where resources can be shared and coordinated.  Clubs in Ontario are organized into 16 geographic districts; the Contact A Club page of this website show those 17 regions on a map. 

Our clubs belong to one of the most respected and progressive volunteer driven organizations in this province the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs.  By joining TEAM OFSC you become part of

- operating the worlds largest recreational trail network (close to 40,000 km - longer than all the provincial highways!)

- generate about $1 Billion in economic activity each year to benefit Ontario

- Raise almost $1 Million annually for Ontario charities.

Club Volunteers - They're just like you!

Combined, the total number of hours served by club volunteers exceeds 3/4 of a million hours.  Sounds like a lot of time..... but a quarter of all our volunteers help the club less that 10 hours each season.  Families across the province choose to be involved in organized snowmobiling because the benefits motivate them to find time for for volunteering as they balance their busy lives.


About the OFSC Volunteers in Action (VIA) Committee

The volunteer led committee was established in 2001 as the result of a 5-year $360,000 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The mandate of the VIA Committee is to increase the ability or "capacity" of OFSC clubs to effectively manage their volunteer resources.

Volunteer Development projects and initiatives that support volunteer recruitment, retention, training and the effective recognition of volunteers are guided by the committee. One of the primary ways VIA strives to assist clubs is through training. Using the "Train the Trainer" approach, VIA is building a team of local resource people across the province to provide training and ongoing support to clubs.