About us & COntact

About Us

The Club was founded in the winter of 1972-1973 by eight local families. Originally, there were about 55 km. 
of trails.

The club had no groomers and a harrow pulled behind a snowmobile was used to groom trails. 

In the winter of 1973 – 1974 we joined the OFSC, and have been a member ever since. The club 
operated on a volunteer basis, no trail passes were sold, and all the operating expenses were 
covered by fundraising and social events.

 In 1976 we incorporated as a not for profit corporation. This was also the year we purchased our 
first groomer, a Raid Trac. The trail system has expanded to 185 km.

 Our first clubhouse in 1976 was a renovated chicken coop situated on the Dobson farm on Sunnidale Rd. 
Later, we purchased our old school portable which we located on Gord Hickling’s property on Snow Valley Rd.

 We constructed a new groomer shed off Horseshoe Valley Rd. in Anten Mills. This allows us to 
have year round storage, fueling and maintenance in a central location.

 The trails are maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers responsible for such tasks as brushing, 
signage, inspection, maintenance & repair.

 We estimate that over 2000 hours of volunteer labor are contributed annually by our members.

Over 75 landowners graciously allow us to maintain trails through their properties. 

Sno Voyageurs Mission

We are dedicated to assist our riders in providing, establishing and maintaining quality snowmobile trails, and assisting our dedicated volunteers in all of their endeavours to further the enjoyment of riding our trails.

Volunteer Recognition

Our Volunteers - The Heart of Organized Snowmobiling

For those new to snowmobiling it may come as a shock that the world renowned trails that Ontario is proud to boast about and the non-profit clubs that manage that trail system are the result of the efforts of over 5000 volunteers.

OFSC Awards and Recognition Program

Support and leadership for clubs and volunteers in the area of Volunteer Development includes the OFSC awards program. Awards are only one part of an integrated and comprehensive volunteer recognition strategy which includes a wide variety of incentives, rewards and appreciation tokens and tools. Awards differ from other recognition efforts in that they are most often merit and seasonally based, and typically are guided by set criteria that not only inform the recipient selection process, but also are transparent, and are well understood and accepted.

The objectives for the OFSC Awards Program include:

Enhance morale and celebrate achievement in an open public forum.  OFSC awards not only brings acclaim to the recipients, but also communicates to a larger audience that volunteers are valued, worthy of unique recognition, and their efforts are appreciated.

Promote sharing of best practices and showcasing of positive role models.  The achievements of award recipients often represent innovative ideas, stories of perseverance, etc., that can help other OFSC club volunteers learn about effective approaches and problem solving.

Foster inclusiveness. The program strives to provide a broad range of awards to best ensure that all types of volunteer contributions can be recognized.

Increase individual volunteer confidence and satisfaction.  The awards program is not only a tangible demonstration of appreciation, but also provides confirmation to the volunteer that their efforts and activities met a high standard and were deserving of unique recognition honour.

Scope of the OFSC Awards Program

Volunteer Awards​

- Volunteer of the Year (3 levels > Club, District and Provincial "Lloyd Woods Mem")

- Family Achievement Award (3 levels > Club, District and Provincial)

- Outstanding Rookie Award (3 levels > Club, District and Provincial)

- Trail Patroller of the Year (3 levels > Club, District and Provincial - "Ron Jones")

- Driver Trainer of the Year (Provincial level only -"Lois Beckett")

Organizational Awards

- Communications Award (Provincial level only - "Ted Day")

- Club of the Year (Provincial level only - "President's Award")​